• Welcome to Shoot in China!
    We deliver high-end video solutions for clients worldwide(Zhengtu TVC Shoot, June '11)
  • video production Shanghai
    Great Value
    By keeping our core staff small and overheads low we can offer a high quality service at a highly competitive price(Lincoln Viral, Aug 2011)
  • shanghai corporate video shoot
    A to Z Services
    Equipment, crew, creative, casting, makeup, wardrobe, set dressing, locations... we do it all!
  • Lincoln TVC
    We Are Experienced
    We've have a combined 15 years of production experience in China.(Ford Viral Campaign, Oct '11)
  • We Are Professional
    We work with foreign and local crews who we know and trust. Our results speak for themselves!.(Siemens Corporate, April '11)
  • Siemens corporate film
    Locations, locations, locations
    From the Tibetan plateau to the beaches of Hainan, the rooftops of Shanghai to the deserts of Inner Mongolia, we've shot all across China. (Honghe Corporate , Nov '11)
  • TVC in Hawaii for Yili Group
    We Help You Communicate
    We are fully bilingual and very experienced at accommodating the differing needs of foreign and local crews. (Yili TVC, May '11)
  • We Fix Things
    We've arranged shoots with pandas, chimps, skyscrapers, Ferraris, wire-fu, Tibetan monasteries and more!(Strangers in Danger, June '11)
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