shanghai video production equipment

Are you looking for shanghai video production equipment  in shanghai china? We are a video production company based in shanghai china, we have background in film and tv, we have been providing support to a lot  of interntaional crews coming to china. we can sourcing you the best shanghai video production equipment in shanghai china, and provide you the professional solution for tech support.

what video production equipment can you get in china?

usually the most equipment you can get else where can be found in China, but that’s the case in big cities like shanghai,beijing, for small cities, you only have low end equipment, same for the lighting, if you want to produce your video in China, make sure you have a detailed list to send to us, so we can source and quote based on your list.

how to get the video production equipment in china?

in shanghai, to get video production equipment is limited, and most equipment company don’t work with each other, we make sure you get all your video production equipment in best place and collect them together for your job, no more hustle for the equipment check and we make sure our delivery can save your time and meet your schedule

where to get the video production equipment in china?

there is not equipment rental place in most of the chinese cities, apart from shanghai or beijing that video produciton industry is bigger, so the best thing to do with the equipment is to bring them from somewhere else closeby your destation. we can check the availabity for your shooting city, that way to save your flight cost and make it much easier for your shooting.

can i bring video production equipment into china?

there is no 100% answer for this, but it is a fact that a lot of our clients came got their equipment blocked in custom, but there is also people came with equipment didn’t get problem, so this is depends on the airport custom, the problem is that if you do get blocked, you will have to pay a big amount of deposite in cash to the custom, as a guranteee that you won’t sell these equipment in china. we have been through the situation like this, and spent some time on solving this issue. Feel free to drop us an email if you want to know about the gears situation.

Is it expensive to rent video production equipment in China?

It is ok to rent equipment in China, not as expensive as anywhere else, if you are coming to China to shoot, by avoiding the issue in custom, you should also think about the travel time, rent locally can get you tech support also saving the extra travel days, so it is a good plan, feel free to send us an email with your equipment list.