where to rent film equipment in China

we provide wide range of film equipment rental service, please feel free to let us know what you need. rent film equipment in china could be tricky, we provide professional film equipment rental services in China, there is no one film equipment company in China provides everything, we provide camera body, tripod, lens, lights,rigging gears.

where to rent film equipment in China

more than rent film equipment in China

There are many different equipment companies that has branches in different cities of China, we can help you with all the localization and crew control, we are good with people so it’s very easy to work with. we are here to help you with all the possible situation, no matter what types of video production you are doing in China, tvc, corporate video, documentary, viral video, events, etc, you will always need different types of equipment, simply tell us what you need and what you are shooting, when, we will give you back a quote very soon.


where to rent film equipment in China

film production with more support

rent film equipment in china could be complicated, when shootinchina just started, we had a lot of problems with the video equipment we rent in Shanghai, and also the crew we had from the equipment companies were not that good either, but after so many years of practice, we have been able to help the local companies to grow with us, develop with us, now we can help you with  you china shoot with our resources, no matter if it’s video equipment, location, production crew, studio, even creative, we can assist all the aspect of the video production, no matter if it’s pre-production, or post production.

film production equipment,shanghai china, and many more

we are going to open a lot of area for film production equipment rental, feel free to contact us for quote.



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