Arri Mini Rent Shanghai China

Do you need ARRI MINI Rent Shanghai China? Arri Mini is going to change the camera industry to a next level, Why? Because it’s size is magnificent, it’s compact size holds a huge capability on image, since it’s a Arri Camera, and it’s designed for the light weight and hardcore quality for Drone to carry it, now god’s mode angel has a greater option.


See what ARRI says about their camera:

Compact, lightweight and self-contained, the ARRI ALEXA Mini is a versatile additional tool in the ALEXA camera range. Crews will find that the ALEXA Mini perfectly complements their ALEXA shooting kit, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialized shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world.

Yes, this is a camera also works great with MOVI M10 like hand held steadycam, it’s really the one shot fans thing.


Not just about the size, also the quality:

Even though the 4K is upscaling, the quality of the sensor is such that ARRI can get away with it more than some other companies probably can. It’s not really surprising that ARRI decided to come out with this model, especially since RED has been taking a lot of the work on gimabls and drones. Coming in now at about the same size and weight of the EPIC DRAGON, this ALEXA Mini gives DPs everything they wanted in the ALEXA in a smaller package.

So there you go, ready to see some video done by arri mini?

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