Nanjing Video Production

Ever doing video production in Nanjing? We are a Shanghai based video production company can offer Nanjing video production service, as the distance advantage give us the ability to travel to Nanjing and make different scale of video production happens.


What Video Production service can we offer in Nanjing?

From the small scale interview, corporate video, events, to the large scale of tvc production, our resource make sure we get all the equipment and crew we need for your project, and our producers all have years of experience in video production, so shooting in Nanjing is not as difficult as before, feel free to send us more info about your project, and we see how we can help you. Nanjing Video Production


Nanjing Video Production Equipment?

There is limit video production resource in Nanjing, same as the equipment, the equipment rental house there is more related to the wedding, and local tv series production, thus it’s more realistic to rent the key equipment from shanghai and then bring them to Nanjing, we have done a few projects in Nanjing, and we have the logistic ability to make sure it’s all possible.


Nanjing Video Production Quote?

We quote our client based on the different project set up, but mainly our core production crew came from Shanghai, there will be a amount of transportation cost, we can either drive a van with the crew, or if it’s a small job, we can also take the train to Nanjing, to save your cost. The rest of the quotation is more or less the same as anywhere else.


Nanjing video production advantage?

Nanjing is the old capital of China, and it’s a central hub for Jiang Su province, as a province has a strong economic growing, it is going to be the next consuming market, we can help you to get the best local resource for your project, our network can access to some interesting people.