Shanghai Video Production Crew

Shanghai Video Production Crew? We are a team of Shanghai Video Production Crew, and we have done years of video production in Shanghai China, our goal is to help any client with their incoming project in Shanghai. We provide crew, equipment, location, etc a lot of support.

Our Crew is professional and bilingual

We work with the professional and talented crews in Shanghai China, and they are hard working and always on top of the tasks. Our experienced producers team are also arranging the crew in a smarter way, we don’t waste our client’s money on extra crew, we just make sure our crew is well enough to cover the whole project, rather than waste money to have crew doing nothing sometimes on set.

Our core crew memebers are English speaking, and if our client don’t have any English staff with them, we can make sure the communication between us and client are well connected.

We are on top of the technology

With daily attention to technology, we learn everyday, no matter if it’s camera, eletricity, internet, etc. We help you solve your problem with many creative ways, and keep the cost low so the budget can be spent in a much better place. Video Production is difficult sometimes with the new technology, we will always be helpful for our clients.

Experience is the key

Our video production crew’s experience came from different background, this gives us the ability to access to oter resources and maintain our own very well, we will help you with our experience.