Exxon Mobil 128 Years Video

We were lucky to help our clients to capture some of the great memories of their local employees.

Warburg Pincus Intro Animation

Our clients Warburg Pincus need a intro video for their company, we were lucky to help them plan and produce this animation, in both Chinese and English language. Our editor used some great motion graphic design to make this video flow nicely.

Air Liquide

One of many videos we’ve shot for Air Liquide in the last 3 years.  

CCP Gunjack

CCP approached us to produce this video to celebrate Gunjack 2‘s award winning, immersive sound design.  

Simon Li

One of a series of product beauty videos conceived and shot by [SIC] on behalf of Simon Li on location at their beautiful Shanghai showroom.

Simon Li

We provided full service production for Simon Li’s Chinese brand launch. They were so happy that they asked us to make an English version.