Centurium Capital AGM

At the request of Centurium Capital for an opening video to be shown at their AGM, we leveraged our expertise in motion graphics to create a visually engaging and dynamic video that captivated the audience’s attention from the start.

Dell: Cultivating Inclusion

We provided production support to Dell to interview their employees in Hong Kong for a video about cultivating inclusion in the company.

The Trade desk

We helped The Trade Desk and casualfilms shoot part of their recruitment video in Shanghai, featuring their Shanghai employees sharing their experiences working at The Trade Desk.

IKEA Everyday Rituals

Our team had the pleasure of shooting three episodes of Everyday Rituals in collaboration with Ecstasyofgold and Ikea. While our Beijing team handled two episodes, our Shanghai team took charge of one.

ABB Megafactory

We collaborated with Sassy Films & ABB during their filming in Shanghai. The Mega Factory’s advanced robo arms and machinery were awe-inspiring.

Piaggio 1 X Feng Chen Wang

Feng Chen Wang and Piaggio are innovative fashion and urban mobility brands, respectively. Their collaboration is driven by shared values, initiating a multi-faceted conversation on freedom, sustainability, and mobility.