BBC Storyworks x Jiangsu Travel Bureau

Nanjing is famous for it’s history and we were lucky to help BBC storyworks and their filming in Nanjing, as this filming was during the COVID, so we had to work with the director from USA remotely, the whole shoot was done in three cities, Nanjing, Xinghua and Yangzhou, we had a great time filming […]

Armani x Jackson Yee CREMA NERA Commercial

In the end of 2020, we were lucky to help our clients with their shoot for Armani’s latest commercial in Shanghai China, working with one of the most popular male actor/icon Jackson Yee 易烊千玺, the shoot was done remotely with the director Tom Murno, and we work with our cinematographer Brain Nai, the whole shoot […]

Breitling Spotlight Squard

During the COVID-19, it’s difficult to run a production, what’s more difficult is that you have to shoot 3 celebrities in different countries, we had chance to set up the production for our clients from New York, and work with the famous Chinese actress Yao Chen, even though the long distance communication and time difference […]

FranklinCovey Corporate Video

We provided production support services to our clients from Kaleidoscope from USA, their director and cameraman flew from USA to shoot this FranklinCovey Corporate Video.

The World Plays the UAE National Anthem

Dubai Expo will be held in 2020 and we were called out in the last minute to provide a sequence of footage for their music video, we scout and shot the music video in Shanghai close to the bund area, even though it was raining that day, our camera crew still made the shots very […]

Finnar AI Food APP

Steven Liu co-developed an artificial intelligence app with Finnar, we provided the Shanghai production services to this shoot, with the locations, crews, and talents, the app itself is very interesting and we hope the app can help audience with their appetite.