5 Things to prepare before you shootinchina

Shoot in China could be tough sometimes, without the local connection, without knowing the country, difference between the different cities and culture can cause you some troubles sometimes, that’s why shootinchina is here to help, giving you some good tips before you come to China.


Video Production Crew In China is not everywhere

China is not fully developed in all the cities, that’s why you have to know that where you heading has a good support your video production project, otherwise there could be a real trouble not able to source the crew or equipment locally. The major cities, Shanghai Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hongkong, Macau usually do offer some good professional service from locals, but still, you have to check before you start your trip.


Try not to bring the camera body through the custom

It’s very risky to bring high end camera body into China, sometimes you can be stopped by the custom, and custom can take your camera and ask for a minimum 10k USD for the deposite, make sure you don’t sell your camera in China, this is more like an safety act from custom, but this can be very tricky when you are in a rush schedule and out of support. Especially camera like Arri Alexa , Red Epic, Red Dragon, C300, EX3, etc. Carnet won’t work sometimes either.


Local coordination is very important

Often some clients came for their shoot in China, they think the client’s office would already been prepared for all the stuff for them, but it’s not the same in China, you should always prepare and coordinate with clients before you start out your shoot in China, save your time.


Shooting in places require permit

Unless  your client own their own property, shooting outside in the public area has different rules, and sometimes the police would come and stop you on the street and stop your shooting, this is getting more and more often these years, so prepare the permit or your local connection to solve this before you start your shoot.


Visa is essential

still china won’t give you the visa sometimes during some sensitive time, without the right visa, you are not officially legal for your shoot here. Usually a proper visa would be a Journalist visa, J1 or J2 visa, Or a Working visa, which is Z visa.


Hope the info above is helpful before you coming to China, and feel free to contact us for any video production china related issues.


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china video production