animated video production in shanghai china? we are a video production company based in shanghai china and offering the original,interesting, fun to watch animated video to our clients, from craft the idea to the high quality video output, we make sure your idea is well delivered and professionally made.


During the past few years, our producers have been helping many big movies and feature films, and their experience can be a solid support for your next animated video. To make something nice is easy, but to make something with an idea delivery as a purpose, it’s difficult, in today’s world, unless you gets to the very best, otherwise you just can’t get your audience attention.


Nowadays we are trying to save the cost on the office, logistics, etc. so you don’t have to pay extra for the real animated video production services, the more you save, the more we can make the video better, so feel free to contact us and let us  know about your idea. we are one of the best animated video production company in shanghai china.