China Remote Video Production During Covid-19

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, even though China has controlled the situation very successfully, the travel ban close the door for a lot of opportunities for content creators, in the past three months, we are lucky to be able to help a lot of clients from abroad to achieve their remote video production in China, not only in Shanghai, but also a lot of cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing and Sanya, etc, we are grateful for all the client’s trust, and with the great results achieving in the past, we are more confident to see more and more remote video production can be done remotely in China.

Video Production During Covid-19 in China
One of our projects happens during the COVID 19

Today we are here to share the project we worked with Spring Studio for their clients, it’s a commercial promo for their product launch globally, the video has three celebrities in different area of the world to be in the same video (as if they are in the same studio), we produced China part in Sanya Hainan, the city where video production resources is quite limited, and giving the long distance and time difference, the whole production requires a lot of communication.

We set up the studio, coordinates all the details on set, sending all the props from everywhere to the studio and eventually pull it off.

On the shooting day we managed to send the Qtake singal to New York director’s screen, and our local bilingual crews communicates with the creative team abroad on Zoom, the whole shoot was long but given the long distance and multi-camera streaming, the back and forth process was smooth.

Sanya was so hot that we had to add an extra fan to blow the cool air to the QTAKE system.

Here is the final video, enjoy 🙂

End of the day, SIC team picture.