Need to Hire Camera Crew in Shanghai?¬†With two offices in Shanghai and Kunshan Jiangsu, and 10 years of experience, We work with the best videographers, cameraman, cinematographer and camera crew in Shanghai. Whether you need the experienced cinematographer for your commercial, or a solid camera crew that can work with you for your corporate video production in China, we’ve got you covered.

Flawless Production Process

Whatever types of project you are looking to do in Shanghai, we will match you with the most suitable camera crew options for your shoot, we have done shoots across China since 2012, our production experience allow us to provide great insight for doing production in China, creating a flawless production process that a good production needs. Shanghai Camera Crew Hire

Shanghai China Camera Crew Hire - Cinematographer in China

Our previous work for On Running, part of the project was shot by our Shanghai camera crew.

Hire The Right Shanghai & China Camera Crew

Shanghai China Camera Crew Hire, cameraman and cinematographer based in Shanghai China
Our Camera Crew on Set

Your Project is in Good Hand

Every project is different, in most cases, clients don’t need a high end cinematographer to shoot a corporate interview, that would cause a lot of communication issues. That’s why we are here to help, we understand what it takes to put a production together, most important, to put this all together in China.

Language is no longer a big barrier, however, the culture difference is always there, we will make sure our clients shoot is well planned in every step, with the right camera crew.

Check out our previous work here.

We worked with the local camera crews all over China, since 2011. With years of collaborations on different shoots, we have collected a list of top level camera crew across China. Further more, we stay well connected with them, so if any time we have a potential project, it will take almost no time to know their availability.

Our camera crews work in video production industries for years. Apart from extensive familiarity to the camera, , they are also the expert when it comes to video production. Meaning they are not scared of going extra step to get a better shot.

Our Camera Crew have additional skills such as: Underwater, Aerial, Marine, Altitude, Vehicle, Ski-Cam and Mini-Cams. #Shanghai China Camera Crew Hire

Shoot In China’s local camera crew and production personnel know us personally. We work closely throughout the years. We try our best to build the team across China, so our clients can have their shoot in China easier.

If you are looking to hire a cameraman, contact us today for more recent work samples and quote:

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Hire Camera Crew & Cinematographer From Us

Our camera crew for hire is available for different types filming in China.

Our camera crew for hire is available for different types filming in China.