We provide Shanghai Filming Services to our clients since 2012, with a solid team of producers and directors, we have helped countless clients with their shoot all over China. Whether you are looking for the commercial production services, corporate video & interview + Broll shoot, or documentaries that require research and permit, we have the experience that will save your time and make it happen.

Commercial Production Services

When you work on commercial production, you really need a experienced team. Our team members comes with the commercial production background, we love the filmmaking process and all the challenges, combing with our experience, we push for the better quality every time.

We have great location scouting resources, a great network of casting talents, gifted cinematographer and creative director that will deliver. Our management experience will guide you through every step of the production, making sure everything is under control.

We are also part of the International Producers Quorum, allow us to access to the international production resources.

Check out our Commercial Production Work.

Shanghai Filming Services
Shooting in the studio, or outdoor, with the celebrities, or even pets. Our 10+ years of commercial production experience in commercial production will help you in every step.

Corporate Video Shoot

Filming corporate video in China is fun, we cherish the opportunity to witness the growth of Chinese market and economy. We have filmed in countless fortune 500 companies, investment bank, and start ups. Our producers are experienced in corporate video shoot, whether it’s CEO’s interview, Brolls of the companies or factories, our compact team & equipment set up is designed to fit in the corporate filming, allow our clients to have the fast turn-around, having the 4k footage delivered within 12-24 hours.

Corporate video shoot is no difference to filmmaking, capture the quality requires good eyes. Our camera crew not only knows inside out of the camera, but also how to set up the scene properly, so the footage will look natural and dynamic.

Take a look at our Corporate Video Work, Interviews.

Shanghai Filming Services
Whether your corporate video shoot is in a studio or an office, we comes with the compact & flexible set up designed to make your shoot fast and smooth.

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