shanghai video production equipment rental services

shanghai video production equipment rental services? We help our clients sorting out everything they need when they shoot in Shanghai! We have years of video production experience, thus we will be able to sort things out with our resources with not too much hustle, save our client’s time and money!

shanghai video production equipment

Rent your gear with us!

You don’t have to worry about the carnet any more, beceause we can rent most of the popular gears for you, with the technical support and well mantained video production equipment, we have bilingual crews that will be able to solve your problem on set and during equipment check.

shanghai video production equipment


Video Production Equipment China

Our goal is to help our clients save their time when they shoot in china, we not only focus in Shanghai, but also many other major cities in China, heavy equipments now doesn’t need to be carried here and there, with your equipment list, we will sort them out in different places.

shanghai video production equipment

Film Production Equipment China

Yes, we also help with film production equipment these days, it’s more than video production, we understand about the film production, and we have done years of film production, our crew are always involved in film production industry in China.

If you need film production equipment and crew services, feel free to contact us for more info. Our producers are all well experienced.