Based in Shanghai, Shoot In China has years of experience in making corporate videos, as one of our core services, our clients have been our greatest sales man as our proven solid results and great experience.

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Why choosing us for your next corporate video production?

In House Directors & Producers

Creating a corporate video is not like a commercial film or music video, it requires many skills, and it’s not like putting the nice image together with the music, it takes a great amount of pre-production work, our corporate video directors and producers have done this work over and over, and they go through the steps with clients till the final delivery.

We are constantly working on video production, among all the projects, we enjoy produce corporate video the most, because we get chance to see things happening behind the scene, and we also love travel around places to work with our clients closely so hear their stories, which we eventually share the message through our final videos.

Professional Film Crew

To do the great things, you need do it. Our film crew came from the film production background, we work together through many years of collaborations, that makes all the communication more efficient.

Having said that, we always try new things, whether it’s new camera, new lighting, new set up for interviews, playing with new ways of filming is not always fun, but we are happy to hang out with our nice film crews and enjoy the meal after that.

Editing, Motion Graphic and Music

With all the great footage and ideas, our editors will take care of everything for us, we only work with a script and our editors will follow the script and help us to improve it.

Not just that, we also add the beautiful motion graphics to help the video deliver the info elegantly, we don’t create a mess by loud music or complicated visuals, we only create things that help the videos to tell the story, anything beyond that will ruin the videos.

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