We Offer Shanghai Film Production Equipment Rental services to our clients, our previous rich film production experience in China can helpĀ  you to get all the film production equipment you need in Shanghai and anywhere else in China.

We help our clients Shoot In China with our local crew and resources.

If you are looking for Shanghai Film Production related services, feel free to contact us!

Shanghai Film Production Equipment Rental

Shanghai Film Production Services

With more than 10 years of experience in Shanghai China, our film production services can help you reach the film production resources in China, whether it’s crew, equipment, location, transportation, production management, casting, post production etc.

We can help with different scale of projects, our past experience allow us to make sure everything is well planned.

We Care About Your Project

Working on film production in China can be challenging, with the language difference and culture barrier, we understand that to work on a project, we need more than equipment, that’s why we are here to help.

Our comprehensive film production services manage our clients film shoot in China, whether it’s camera gear rental, crew hire, or location scouting, we can handle the heavy lifting for our clients so they can focus on the content creation.

Professional Film Production Support

We specialize in pre production in China, since 2012, we have helped hundreds of filming projects for our clients since then, our team of producer and directors in Shanghai and other cities in China can handle different types of projects.

Shanghai Film Production Equipment Rental
Shanghai Film Production Equipment Rental

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