We provide China Remote Filming Services during COVID-19, if you need any film production services in China, we can help!

One year after the lockdown and COVID and although day to day life China is largely back to normal, international travel restrictions are preventing clients and crews getting in and out of China.

Since May 2020 we’ve been helping our clients to film remotely in China. Whether it’s full commercial productions, documentary footage or corporate videos, we have managed to maintain a great communication with our clients and deliver the footage fast and with minimum disruption to themselves or their clients.

Start of the year 2020, our first music video project for Corsak, we hired the location right by the China art museum, shot two music videos concurrently at the same location.

China Video Production
Shooting Remotely in China
Music Video shot during Covid In China

We shot a handful of corporate videos for different clients across China.

China Remote Filming Services
Shanghai Remote Filming Services
Our Local bilingual cameraman can help you coordinate. China remote filming services.
Shanghai Greenscreen Filming Services
and lots of green screen shooting for conferences and international corporate client.
China Commercial Film Production During Covid
Our first commercial project was with Chinese celebrity Yao Chen, shooting this TVC Breitling. We travelled with a 20 strong crew to Hainan, built the studio to match the sets used in NY and London and ran the 2 day shoot remotely with London based director Tom Munro and the NY based Spring Studios. Here is the final TVC:
China Documentary Remote Shooting Services
China Remote Filming Services For BBC

In July and August, we shot 3 big studio projects with Chinese celebrities, a bunch of documentaries requiring travel and permitting around China (not so easy in 2020!) and we continued with our bread and butter corporate videos interviews and B-roll shooting across China.

We worked with our clients to produce 3 episodes of travel promo videos. Nanjing, Yangzhou, Xinghua for the BBC
China Interview Remote Filming Services
China Remote Shooting
Our camera crew work in Sanya Haikou, during Covid.
Filming Corporate Content in Sanya China.
Interview company CEO remotely
China Remote Filming Services.

Why Hire Our China Remote Filming Services?

Shoot in China has operates locally in Shanghai since 2011. Our bilingual team have a wide network reaching across China, plus a production team with a combined 78 years of production experience in China. Contact us today to discuss your project!