China Remote Filming Services? Filming in China during COVID-19 can be unpredictable, the Chinese Covid-19 rules and restrictions can be very effective and quick, yet for filming and production, it can be tricky, since any lock down or potential quarantine can cause delay for your project.

Since June 2020, We have been helping our clients with their filming in China remotely, whether it’s a full on commercial production with celebrities or a corporate video interviews shoot, we have managed to maintain a great communication with our clients and deliver the footage results fast.

As a video production company, we rely on actual production to maintain our business, luckily this year we had some great opportunities to keep us going, and thanks to the COVID situation in China, everything went back to normal, for a long period of time.

Start of the year 2020, our first music video project for Corsak, we hired the location right by the China art museum, shot two music videos in the same locations.

China Remote Filming Services

Then we went on shooting a lot of corporate videos for different clients.

China Remote Filming Services
Shanghai Remote Filming Services
Shanghai Greenscreen Filming Services
lots of green screen shooting as well.
China Remote Filming Services for Commercials
Our first commercial project was with the famous Chinese celebrity Yao Chen, shooting this promo video for Bretling Watch, we travelled to Haikou Hainan, set up the studio, bring lots of film crew from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, with bunch of extra film equipment, and made the shoot happen, and it was done
China Documentary Remote Filming Services

In July and August, we have done 3 big projects that involves celebrities in studios, and a bunch of documentaries requires travel around China, and many corporate videos interviews and broll shooting across China.

We worked with our clients to produce 3 episodes of travel promo videos. Nanjing, Yangzhou, Xinghua.
China Interview Remote Filming Services
China Remote Filming Services
China Remote Filming Services

Why filming in China with Shoot In China team?

Shoot in China operates locally in Shanghai since 2012, our bilingual team have a wide range of network across China, plus the essential production experience over the last 15 years, our producers know what it takes to make the shoot happen.