China Freelance Film Crew? Whether it’s camera crew, producer, soundman or gaffer, grip etc, after years of working in film production industry, we have worked with a great selection of film crew all over China, allow our client to expand their production with the local film crew&resources in China. Our film crew are mostly freelancers based in China, they know about film production and more over, they know about China.

Why Hire China Freelance Film Crew From us?

The answer is that we have great local resources, you can hire freelance film crew from us, so we can help you set up everything locally, it’s a challenge when you have to deal with local film crews and international clients at the same time, when you work with us, we are your only contact before the job starts, and we make sure that all the film crews you hire from us understand the project and requirement clearly, so you don’t need to spend time and re-brief them.

China Freelance Film Crew

China Freelance Film Crew

Work Closely + Work Remotely

With the great communication, we can be your invisible producer remotely, we done many projects in China in the past few years, which we don’t have to be on set for clients, especially if it’s only equipment rental & basic crew hire, we make sure that the communication work is done properly, so everyone include our clients know what’s happening, when and where it’s gonna happen.

Our producers came from the documentary and tvc background, so doing production remotely is their homework everyday, whether it’s wechat or whats app or skype, our technology support allow us to communicate with our clients always possible.

The bottom line is, we won’t be there, but we will make it happen for you.

Columbia - Montrail Director: Michael Parenteau Production Company: Stept Studios Post Company: Stept Studios Executive Producer: Lindsey Hagen Cinematographer: Chris Naum

Case Study: We helped our clients to set up this shoot in Chongqing, we provided equipment and crew in the last minute, and end up arrange the transportation and basic crew for the filming, made it a success in the end, and client was really happy about the result

It’s not that we have to show up and be presence for our clients, it’s based on our clients demand, we done location scouting, on set management, casting and even film premiere organizing for clients in the past, so we are always exciting to be with our clients.