Did you know Shoot In China is also a China corporate video agency? We have years of corporate film making experience, whether your company is from China or a international company’s branch based here, our producer and directors would love to help you with your next video assignment.

China Corporate Video Solution: Shoot In China

China Corporate Video Agency

China Corporate Video Agency – We create storytelling corporate videos

Why working with us?

Shoot In China has not only the film production experience, but also the great knowledge in corporate video, our producer and director comes from news background, their work focus on documentary, branded content, and they have produced and directed many corporate videos for the great companies in different industries.

Our years of video production experience make sure that our process is smooth as usual, not like the massive equipment set up and crazy amount of film crews, we focus on providing a sensible filming process, with less crew member, we can be moving faster on every scene, and with less equipment, we choose every equipment carefully and make sure they are all function well, so there is no down time during the filming.

Shoot In China understand the key of the videos, that is the content, that’s why we combine the great knowledge with our previous corporate film experience.

China Corporate Filming (8)

We work with what client has to offer, when it’s a small sized room? No problem to us, we can turn it into a nice feeling interview with a few tricks.

Director is essential for Corporate Video Making

We worked with the clients who have done corporate video before, even by their own in house staff sometimes, but the result is different, it’s not because the corporate video requires equipment or the film crew, it’s the directing part missing can cause the trouble for video.

Corporate Film Directing is not like a commercial video, sometimes/at least most of the time, corporate video is longer thus the content is more important than the visuals, moreover, if you need to tell a story with a video, you also need to know what is the best structure for the video, that where corporate video director comes in doing their job.

Our corporate video directors live in China and understand the international&local culture, plus the long history of working experience in China, our producers and crews are very familiar with the way of working together.

Shanghai Camera man showreel

We helped Simon Li with their corporate film.

Our producers are our secret weapons

We cannot call ourselves great if our producers are missing, they understand what it takes to make a project happen, with the great communication skills, they are the soul to the every project, while the director and client busy with their content, producer will offer the solution and cost within a few seconds/instantly, not only that, our producers work as a team most of the time, sharing the knowledge and network so we don’t have to waste time on the same resources.

Corporate Video Production is a very new thing in China, the old corporate video making is no longer fresh to the market, that’s why our producers keep learning to make sure they update their ways of thinking.

China Corporate Video Services

Working with us is easy, we are great with communication, our filming process is easy too.

Full Package Corporate Video Services

Our clients love us for what we do, we appreciate every clients by offering the great result and services, we are not only offering the corporate video services, we offer all the possible content production services, whether it’s corporate photography or internal media production, we have the experience and flexible package for our clients to choose, save their time for more content planning.

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