Production Resources in Hefei: Overall, production resources in Hefei are limited, thus make filming in Hefei a challenge task. Crews and talents are scarce, and work hours for film crews typically span 10 hours, excluding meal breaks. Although directors, cameramen, producers, makeup/hair artists, and location managers are available, it’s advisable to bring in crews from nearby cities such as Shanghai. Film crew and production insurance coverage can be requested.

Filming in Hefei

Visas: For filming in Hefei, apply for a business or work visa. Tourist visas are not recommended.

Carnet/ATA Carnet: Bringing equipment to Hefei from abroad is possible using Carnet/ATA Carnet, but be prepared for potential customs issues.

Equipment Rental House: Hefei has limited options for equipment rental. Compare prices before deciding to rent or bring your own equipment.

Post-Production: Hefei’s post-production resources are limited. Research editing, color correction, and sound post-production options before making decisions.

Location Conditions & Permit Requirements: To secure location access, determine if it’s government or privately owned. Costs vary based on time and location. Filming in public areas requires a permit and is technically illegal without one.

Famous Locations in Hefei: Visit Anhui Provincial Museum, Xiaoyaojin Park, Hefei Swan Lake, and Baohe Park for unique filming locations.

Equipment Rental Options: Hefei offers high-end camera equipment and lenses, including Arri, Red, Angenieux, Cooke, and Zeiss options.

Hefei Weather: The city experiences seasonal changes, occasional rain, and mild air pollution.

Drone Usage: Drone usage is restricted in Hefei’s city center. Some areas require a pilot license and have height limitations.

Currency & Payments: Use RMB cash or digital payment methods like Alipay/WeChat Pay in Hefei.

Hotel Costs: Expect to pay between $50 to $100 USD per night.

Meal/Per Diem Costs: Allocate $10 to $50 USD per meal, depending on quality.

Transportation: Hefei offers an airport, train stations, and vehicle rental options. For production, hiring a van/lorry is common, costing $150 to $200 USD per day. Didi/Meituan (Chinese Uber/Lyft) services are also available.