Are you looking for a reliable video production company in Dongguan or nearby cities in Guangdong Province? Look no further than Shoot In China! With over 10 years of experience in video production and filming support, we have become a trusted partner for our clients across China. Our camera crew in Dongguan, we offer full coverage for other cities in China as well.

Dongguan Camera Crew

At Shoot In China, we provide a wide range of video production services, including camera crew, videographers, cinematographers, corporate video production, commercials, interviews, documentaries, branded content, b-rolls, and drone pilot services. We offer all types of crew for different projects, including 1/2 person video crew, virtual event video, event videographers and photographers, drone videographers, live streaming crew, content production teams, field producers/fixers, and video editors.

Dongguan Camera Crew On Demand

Our services cover all types of projects in Dongguan and surrounding cities within 100km, such as executive interviews, case studies, corporate films, multi-city projects, events, live webcasts, branded content, and commercials. Additionally, we offer all types of equipment for rental, including HD/4K cameras, steadicam/Ronin/Trinity, drones/helicopter, live streaming, virtual production, 360 VR AR shoot, and photographic equipment.

Whether you need support on equipment, crew, location, logistic, or even casting, we can sort it out for you. Our team of experienced producers comes from different backgrounds in video production, from TVC to corporate video, documentary to web viral. We can plan your video from scratch to the final product and make sure you get the most interesting content made with us.

We understand that Dongguan is just one of the many cities in Guangdong Province that may require video production services. Therefore, we also offer full coverage for other cities within 100km of the province, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Foshan, among others. No matter where your project takes place, we can provide the necessary support to ensure its success.

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to contact us at any time. We have great email communication skills and a 24-hour available phone number to answer your questions. Let us help you create the best video content for your project in Dongguan or surrounding cities in Guangdong Province.