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Are you looking for camera man based in China? We work with the best camera man and camera crew in Shanghai,Beijing,Chengdu,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Hongkong, and almost every major area in China!

Pro camera crew 

Our goal is to provide the best value services to our clients, whether if it’s camera man works on features or the camera crew that work on big scale event coverage, whether it’s sport camera man or the music video director also work as DOP.

Camera Equipment Rental

Shoot In China offers a wide range of production services includes camera equipment rental to our clients, whether you are renting a big scale lighting or popular camera model, we offer our best value options to our clients and feel free to send us your equipment list so we can start quoting quick 🙂

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Working with the friendly yet talented ones

It’s very important that these days the technology is improving fast, same as the taste of the audience, whether it’s art project or a commercial project, we make sure we match the right camera man for our client’s project, save the hasttle in the post by hiring the professional camera man from us!

Across China, we are aiming Asia!

We help clients with the creative production solutions to save the cost and time, by saying this we also keep the quality high so the clients gets more out of their budget every time!

We provide the great production services by keep the daily maintenance low, the fast communication between us and client will prove the record.


This is a series of Sofa video we produce for our local clients, it was a tough one as the weather was very hot, our camera man conquer the heat and finished three films before the dark, we squeezed some extra video footage for the later corporate film use:






We later shot a different style video for the same client, it’s also a quite nice little film to introduce the client’s company, their product, culture, and belief, we are very thankful for our client’s trust.