Westin Lets Rise Anthem Film

We provided production services for our clients, 160over90, shooting a film across Shanghai, Nanjing, and Sanya over the course of a week. Our team utilized drone lights, FPV, and trinity, collaborating with talented local professionals to capture stunning footage for the project.

Westin Let’s Rise Anthem Film
Production Company: 160over90, Shoot In China,
Director: Per-Hampus Stålhandske
DOP: Kenny Du/Du Fu
AD: Ronnie Wu
Producer: Paige Demarco, Clark Wang,
Production Coordinator: Matt Clarke
2nd Producer: Natalie AMBARNIKOVA
Production Manager: Leon Chen, Circle Lee,
Gaffer: Huang Jun
1st AC: Guozheng
FPV: Andrew Gui
Drone Light: Feng Yi
Trinity: Zhong BoTai
Makeup/Wardrobe: Lisa Yue

Photographer: Una Zhu