Westin Lets Rise Anthem Film

We had opportunity to provide our production services to our clients 160over90, together we planned and shot this film in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Sanya, in total we spent 1 week on filming this piece, using the drone light, FPV, trinity, and working with the awesome talents from Shanghai, we managed to deliver some great looking footage.

Westin Let’s Rise Anthem Film
Production Company: 160over90, Shoot In China,
Director: Per-Hampus Stålhandske
DOP: Kenny Du/Du Fu
AD: Ronnie Wu
Producer: Paige Demarco, Clark Wang,
Production Coordinator: Matt Clarke
2nd Producer: Natalie AMBARNIKOVA
Production Manager: Leon Chen, Circle Lee,
Gaffer: Huang Jun
1st AC: Guozheng
FPV: Andrew Gui
Drone Light: Feng Yi
Trinity: Zhong BoTai
Makeup/Wardrobe: Lisa Yue

Photographer: Una Zhu