5 things to do before contacting your Local Video Production Company

5 things to do before you start a video project

When it comes to video production, it’s always a time consuming process, we thought that our clients might need some tips before they start their project with any video production company or freelance film makers. Here are 5 things to do before contacting your Local Video Production Company.

5 things to do before contacting your Local Video Production Company

5 things to do before contacting your Local Video Production Company

A detailed content list that you want to cover in your video

In modern film making world, having a 4k camera means: it’s easy to shoot nice images, however, if you don’t have a focus content list, you might lose your precious production budget away. It’s very simple to make a good content list, as long as you know the final video’s goal.

Where can I find the best content? It sounds very difficult but it’s really not, in a company, there are many things you can show to the world, your excellent employee, your great products that ready to shine in the market, your upcoming marketing event that might need some content in the screen, or even your website that might need a well polished corporate film, it’s always about finding the best things to show your audience, it’s also a good practice for the marketer to research inside or outside the company, make sure that your content is fresh and unique from others.

We have helped many clients done this process, whether it’s for marketing department or communication department, video production is always a key tool to establish your content.

A bunch of reference videos that you find useful

When you want turn your message into a video, the key things is to make it simple, there are many ways that you can find great reference on youtube and vimeo, you should collect these reference videos so you can see if your idea would fit those videos, eventually you can work with the film directors to compose your message with the similar style to the final script, it sounds like stealing other’s work, but when you look at the corporate video these days, they are really similar in general, the biggest difference is that your key value and message.

We don’t recommend our clients to copy other’s work, we suggest clients to learn from the great videos, so they can avoid the problems that they don’t want to encounter, after all, make it safe for your company, rather than damage your company’s image.

Defining your video’s goal

To keep your message simple, thus your audience won’t lose their interest very quickly, your video’s goal is very important.

Whether it’s a corporate film, or a product releases video, you should always remember that selling one message is easier than selling ten message in one video, these days, videos are always around or even less than 3 minutes, because people usually lose their attention in the 1st minute, especially when it comes to commercial content, you need great talents, great content and high production value sometimes, to make your audience remember you.

The media platform you want to release your video

Whenever your start your video project, it’s eventually going to be shown somewhere, whether it’s mobile phone or web page, or TV, Cinema, event screen etc, you need to think about this before your project starts, small screen tend to last shorter as people don’t spend a long time on their phone screens, it’s mostly the short piece attract them, if it’s a web page, you can make it more content based, since people would spend longer time on it, when it comes to TV and cinema, the high quality image really brings the audience attention, at this point, you want to deliver the good production value to your audience, so they understand that it’s a content from some quality company.

These days the new media is getting so popular, some companies work a lot with social media, they shrink the video’s size to the Instagram and Facebook size, so it’s a seamless experience for the social media platform.

Ask for local video production company’s showreel

Typically, a video production company do everything they can do to land the job, however, as you might know, the director’s strength is usually focus on a couple of type of content, you can find TVC directors that are very good in telling stories in really short amount of time, say 30 seconds to 1 minutes, corporate film directors can work on the content that needs to be longer so the content can be unfold nicely, there is also a lot of new media content directors that knows how to take good use of the size and internet to deliver message to social media audience.

That’s why you should ask for company’s showreel first, take a look at their work and decide if you would want their quote afterwards.

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