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Shanghai Video Production? Whether it’s a corporate interview or a promo video, Shoot In China team have years of production experience, and solid background on many different format of videos, bring you the quality and value performance services, that you probably won’t find both anywhere else.

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Shanghai Video Production

Shanghai Video Production

International Video Production Services in Shanghai

We have done hundreds of projects in China, and our team are based in China, to work for different clients, we make sure our core producers , understand what our clients request, and think for clients in their shoes, we also bring in the third person view to think about the project in a market/outsider prescriptive.

Shanghai Video Production Services goes International level

We have been helping clients from the fortune 500 companies, and many independent cross countries companies, we are also thrilled that we helped many small start up companies, to achieve their goals with the help of our video production.

Language and culture can be a complicated thing, when it comes to video production, our team immerse ourselves in the Chinese & International environment, not just food or pop culture, but also the general business and local practice.

When it comes to Shanghai video production, we try our best to make the set as neat as possible, the more equipment on set means more crew demands, which increase the cost and in video production you really want to spend on the cost on where matters.

To achieve a great result, we push hard to work with the best film making gurus in the field, work hard on the pre-production with our clients, to make sure the script be the best of itself, and work closely on the field to make sure every detail is on point.

Here are some examples of our work.

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