Are you looking for Shanghai cameraman based China? We work with a collection of professional cameraman in China and we hope to match our client’s project with the best possible camera man option.

Shoot In China is a team of local&international producers&fixers working together to answer and solve our clients question in China, our cameraman options are vary, with different experience and style, we make sure we work with the best possible camera man with our clients.


Shanghai cameraman showreel:

Shanghai Camera man showreel

This film was done with Gianpaoalo, if you been Shanghai long enough you will eventually meet him, currently working on a feature film that he really passion on being part of it.


Shanghai Bilingual camera man showreel:

Shanghai Camera man showreel

Jia is another talented camera man we appreciated working with, although he is travelling a lot these years for his dream, we still work with him for some projects, this corporate film was done with Jia’s brilliant eyes.

Shanghai Camera man showreel

This film was also done with Jia, you can see he has got his foreground style in different places.


China Cinematographer Ken Xu’s work:

cinematographer showreel

Part of this film was shot by Ken, a very hard working and talented camera man based in Shanghai, he can travel and speaks very good English, in recent few years, he has been taking some second unit roles in some feature films, with many years of collaboration, we have been through some interesting projects, feel free to ask us for more of his work.

Shanghai Camera man showreel

Another corporate film we worked on and Ken showed up on set and knocked out the shots including some drone control skills.